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Tube Zipper Envelope Filter/Distortion


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Tube Zipper Envelope Filter/Distortion Unzip your soul! Just picture your guitar signal being massaged by a complex set of filters moving through a vacuum tube maze. Energized by two Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 tubes, the Tube Zipper's patented moving filter tastefully adds controlled analog harmonics to your signal. In typical EHX fashion, each control can be set over-the-edge, generating a host of novel tones. Tron or Trill a la mode! True bypass using a mechanical relay Overdrive stage allows interaction with the envelope follower for hard hitting sweeps and frequency color Tron mode allows the filter to sweep smoothly, following your amplitude's envelope Trill mode allows modulation to be added to the envelope as the filter sweeps Switchable up or down filter sweep directions Input gain boosts the signal before the filter drive Resonance control adjusts the Q or peak of the filter ranging up to self-oscillation Two Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 vacuum tubes included 12VAC-1000 power supply included

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ELECTRO HARMONIX - Tube Zipper Envelope Filter/Distortion