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Option 5 Destination Rotation Leslie


€ 378.00

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Option 5 Destination Rotation Single Leslie/Vibrotone Effects Pedal USA Option 5 Destination Rotation Leslie Looking for that infamous Vibrotone or Leslie sound to add to your guitar rig? How about achieving this with something weighing less than 2 pounds with the rare Option 5 Destination Rotation Single pedal! 100% analog and low noise, the Options 5's Destination Rotation Pedal meets all your needs as one of the smallest, most affordable leslie simulators on the market. The Destion Rotation Is built to last! As it is lead free, soldered to a solid, double-sided plate-through PC board (also lead free) all protected within a die-cast aluminum box. The doppler effect is regarded as being very 'tight' and It boasts liquid sounding phasing characteristics. Truly this is an effects pedal for the cutting-edge player, don't miss your chance to own a rare, sought after sound so affordably available to you! Features Smooth overdrive feature with footswitch and level trimmer. Top mounted trimmers for slow and fast speed tweaking. Microphone placement control for effect depth. Realistic speed up/down ramping effect. Standard 9 volt operation. Low profile box (Voodoo Lab size) True Bypass.

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