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FP777 Flying Pan Phaser Guitar Effect Pedal

cod. FP777

€ 279.00

Condizioni: NUOVO

IBANEZ FP777 Flying Pan Phaser Guitar Effect Pedal The mystical Ibanez FP-777 Flying Pan has re-entered this galaxy to deliver earth s guitarists the trippiest combination of phaser, stereo pan and tremolo in all guitardom. By tweaking phase rate, phase feedback and pan rate, in conjunction with a phaser on/off footswitch and a panning on/off footswitch, mix your own interplanetary cocktail of pure phasing, pure panning or simultaneous phasing and panning. A 3-way switch controls the stereo output, directing phasing to left or right speaker or to both in stereo. Complete with distressed packaging, this is a limited run for the Flying Pan who knows when it will make it back to this solar system!Features:Limited Production Phase + Stereo Pan Effect Dual FootswitchHigh Grade Large Components Made In Japan Distressed 70 s Packaging

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